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Elena's Guestbook

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tommes - 25.08.09 21:48
Absolutely fantastic... 

Hi Elena,

I really love your cartoons. Great drawings and colours! And: My girlfriend and me want to now what happens further to the goth scouts!!!
Elena - 18.01.09 07:01
Tim Akin is great! He's a very funny and talented guy. Gratuitous Violence Patrol was written by a guy who presently works writing animated cartoon scripts for Hollywood. Another very talented guy. Small world!
Phantagrafix - 18.01.09 06:49
Hello, Elena, and thanks for the add! I have a copy of your wonderful "Slapped Together Productions Volume One". A friend of mine, Tim Akin, had some work in their and gave me it. Very good work, excellent book. My favorite is "Gratuitous Violence Patrol". VERY funny. You have a fantastic style, glad to see you here.
Elena - 18.01.09 06:42
Hahaha! Oops...
Volkertoons - 17.01.09 05:37
Yay, you are born in the future as I've seen in your profile :o)
Elena - 17.01.09 05:03
Comment in German would be great! I will try to get enough courage up to answer in German.

I found this site using the Google Search Engine. This is fun.
Made (toonsUp admin) - 16.01.09 15:31
Hi elena,
great manga-style cartoon of yours! I am very proud, you post it to our community.
How did you find us?
Keller - 16.01.09 14:47
We could comment on your work in German, if you like. It's great to have someone from the States wanting to learn it.
Elena - 16.01.09 04:33
Hi. My political cartoons can be found every Sunday on http://editorialcartoonists.com An extensive site of my work is at http://striporama.com, however it hasn't been updated in a few years. My book Fringe: A Cartoon History of the George Dubya Bush years can be found on Amazon.com

The German motto comes from YOUTUBE where I go to find German songs so I can learn the language. My daughter lives in Germany and I expect some day I will have German grandchildren with whom I will have to communicate
Keller - 15.01.09 13:21
Wow, a cartoonistess! And for some reason with a german motto in her profile! Welcome to Toonsup!
Where do you come from? Where can we find some stuff from you? Pleeeaaazzze tell us.