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MacOneill - 26.01.19 15:48
I just bought a set of brushes for photoshop

I just can't wait to use them !!!
MacOneill - 22.01.19 22:27
I like them but there aren't many games you can make with them
HaChri - 22.01.19 22:25
I like ghosts ! ;-)
MacOneill - 21.01.19 18:52
My next game theme is : ghosts
MacOneill - 19.01.19 17:57
Oh !
I forgot we could write something here !
I should do it more often
Julillu - 09.11.11 12:49
Great pictures I can see in your galery! I prefer your special style and your use of the colors! (: So cute characters do you have!
toonsUp Member - 22.10.11 23:50
hi oneil how are you i love your amaizing style with rabbits
karicartoons - 16.10.11 16:22
I love your great style! Hope to see more from you

MacOneill - 18.08.09 18:33
thanks a lot
FeliX_Reinhard_Horst - 18.08.09 17:40
Fine style, stories & artwork!

Best from Germany

MacOneill - 03.06.09 20:36
you're welcome :)  

BellaDonna - 03.06.09 20:28
I want to say thank you for adding me as your friend !
It makes me very proud

MacOneill - 12.02.09 00:39
you're welcome !
I'm glad you read jacob

Maybe I'll do another story with just his brother ... I'm thinking about it
Volkertoons - 12.02.09 00:36
Thanks... really... wow.
MacOneill - 12.02.09 00:34
well I love your style XD
Volkertoons - 12.02.09 00:33
Uhh, I still took a look at your favs... I'm getting red
Volkertoons - 12.02.09 00:27
That's what I wanted to hear
MacOneill - 12.02.09 00:25
he he
Yeah I'm a girl !!!
But I dont THINK like a girl ...
weird isn't it ?
Women are even more complicated to understand XD
Volkertoons - 12.02.09 00:22
Hey, you are a GIRL? I've seen all of your Rabbit Jacobs, but I ever thought, you would be a guy. Strange, isn't it? Male psyche is a complicated thing
MacOneill - 05.02.09 18:21
maybe ...

I don't really coment other comics because most of them are written in deutch and I don't speack deutch ...
boy - 05.02.09 11:09
Are you afraid we will hate you, when you are are going to critize the other drawings? No hate, promised, we are the good germans.
MacOneill - 04.02.09 18:29
Silent one ???
Oh no ! no way , I'm not good at speacking but when I open my mouth it's only to critize almost everything
I'm not like Droopy
I'm never happy !!! ah ah
boy - 04.02.09 14:33
Ok, oh silent one. Nevermind. No sweat.
MacOneill - 04.02.09 12:03
no really ! I don't know what to say ... My drawings and cartoons say what I have to say nothing more to explain
boy - 04.02.09 11:00
"no good at speaking" - you mean this sarcastic? HiHi. Come on, really, I would like to read your opinions, because its always interesting to see comments from a fellow-artist, from someone drawing really good stuff like you.
MacOneill - 03.02.09 16:04
comment ? 

I never comment because I don"t know what to say

I'm no good at speacking ... I can only draw
boy - 03.02.09 14:38
Pity you never comment... no like conversation?
MacOneill - 26.01.09 20:43

I found Toons up through the blog of another comic writter
I liked the spirit here so I thought it would be great to publish some ofmy work here
that's all
Made (toonsUp admin) - 26.01.09 20:01
Hello Oneill,

I am very happy to welcome you to our community too.
Your style matches just perfectly in here. I cant remember that I invited you personaly. Did you find us through google?

Whenever you have problem with something, you can always ask me or someone of the moderators like paul.
And If you have any ideas how to improve our website to fit your needs even more, dont hesitate to tell me :-)

I hope you enjoy the time here,
MacOneill - 25.01.09 22:17
Re - Hello  

Thanks a lot
Pauer (toonsUp team) - 25.01.09 22:12

Jolly good style, MacOneill! Welcome to toonsup - have a great time! :-)