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boy - 23.02.11 22:57
I just visited your site, this animated map is great and I was really impressed by the "sunken realism" paintings.
It shure ist not easy to earn the living by doing art. Yäh, keep on drawing....
MrVerlin - 11.02.11 17:14
More Toons Up On the Site 


Thanx for writing. This (the roughs) is just step one. I have a BUNCH of toons on my website. (See then click on "Comikz" on the cartoon map.) But I want to start posting on sites like toons up so I can meet more of the on line community. The comikz actually don't make much money for me, however, so I'll have to do it slowly, in between grafikz and fine art projects that actually DO pay the rent!

In fact, it took a paying cartoon gig to getting me started. I posted these roughs here so the client, who happens to be away on business in China, can see them!

But, at least it got me started posting, so now there will be more toons to follow!
boy - 11.02.11 11:24
I really would like to see your cartoons, not all these sketches.
This zono-avatar-picture is very promising....