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gloiman - 26.06.09 17:18
thx, maybe i will upload an english translation for my comics , so you can see if you like my humour too

foodfight - 26.06.09 14:25
Fresh Food Fight Friday!!! 

Food Fight, the greatest web comic alive, has updated today, as it does every friday. Check out the latest strip here...

We post the two week old strips here on toonsup, for the latest and greatest check out the mother site.

Thanks for the suggestion, Ron. We may have to use that line!

Thanks for checking out the strips!!

Ron (toonsUp admin) - 12.06.09 17:45
Hungry for more food! 

a nice headline idea for your food fight
foodfight - 29.05.09 18:57
Food Fight has updated!!

Go there for the latest strips.

foodfight - 15.05.09 15:20
Food Fight has updated!!! 

Food Fight updates every Friday at!

Strips will be posted here as well but a little while later than they are up on the main site. So, head over to to see the latest and greatest!