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furgy - 14.05.14 20:28
wow!I love your art !
toonsUp Member - 02.04.11 00:18
Supreme City 

Hi Chen Wei Lorland Chain.
I saw Supreme City and was dazzled by your artwork. I had to see more and was not disappointed.
Please keep posting your work. A talent like yours should never be hidden.

toonsUp Member - 13.11.09 21:40
Hello Lorlandchain,
I miss your great pictures, when you show us your newest works again?

Kind regards
Iris-Christiana (irlcartoons)
KatrinKaciOui - 24.09.09 16:48
I love your art ..
so charming, wonderful .. magical..
yes, my dream world ..
I see here, implemented in art, from you ..
and I find it so wonderful.
ElCachone - 05.08.08 13:27
you're one incredibly skilled artist.......keep on!!!!
bobtoon - 18.07.08 16:30
Beautiful work. Magical artwork.
Are you using the software Painter to do the work?

toonsUp Member - 27.05.08 13:53

I am new here and just now staw your art for the first time. I am really blown away... Hopefully I can learn from you by watching your work.
Thank you very much for sharing your art here! <3

ChildOfMoonlight - 21.03.08 22:25
Hello welcome here, I know you from deviantart
You do lovely paintings <3
FastArt - 08.03.08 15:53
lovely work... keep comin
MYNOK - 29.02.08 04:58
I wanna see more of your state-of-the-art drawings!
toonsUp Member - 23.02.08 21:19
wow .. your pictures are so amazing!
Volkertoons - 22.02.08 04:01
Hi Wei! I wanted to look at your website, but when I tried to enter the english page, I got a virus message that this site is infected. Maybe you should check this out. Greetings - Volker
lorlandchain - 21.02.08 11:30
Ron (toonsUp admin) - 20.02.08 09:54
PS: Have you seen those dragons, too?
Ron (toonsUp admin) - 20.02.08 09:54
Welcome on ToonsUp.
I am speechless seeing your fantastic drawings here!

PS: I've set the "actual reference" to "-" and the language to "no text" as they are universal understandable. I've added some tags like dragon, knight, etc. too.
Hope that's ok for you